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Being diagnosed with sarcoma cancer might feel like going back to school - there are so many questions. 

Here's where we get started with the answers.

Sarcoma UK support group talker

Coffee, tea and a whole lot of support

Sarcoma support groups provide valuable support and information to patients, carers and family members, and provide the opportunity to meet informally locally or online with other people in the same situation.

Is there one near you?

I am a ...

Sarcoma UK research project

Sarcoma UK to invest £750,000 in research in 2018

Thanks to your support, we are able to invest the highest amount yet into finding answers faster. We're launching two fully funded PhD studentships.


Mikey Neville and family

What's in the water in Chichester?

Is this cathedral city the UK's capital of fundraising?

There's some extreme stuff happening there!

Screengrab from Sarcoma UK No. 10 Downing Street Partnership

No 10's Charity of the Year

Watch our video showing highlights from our year as 10 Downing Street's Charity of the Year.

We've achieved great things together. 

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