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Being diagnosed with sarcoma cancer might feel like going back to school - there are so many questions. 

Here's where we get started with the answers.

Map of UK and Northern Ireland

New data from UK and Northern Ireland

It's time to take sarcoma seriously.

New data from the UK and Northern Ireland suggests that sarcoma is not as rare as we had thought.

I am a ...

Pippa Hatch Tough Mudder

Chidren's Cancer Awareness Month

September is #ChildrensCancer Awareness Month and we want all children affected by sarcoma to have the chance to thrive like Pippa above.

Sarcoma UK Prediagnosis Information Sheet

‘We wish we had been given this’

If you're referred to a sarcoma specialist centre, it doesn't mean that you have sarcoma. 

Our pre-diagnostic information sheet has clear, timely information.  


Screengrab from Sarcoma UK No. 10 Downing Street Partnership

No 10's Charity of the Year

Watch our video showing highlights from our year as 10 Downing Street's Charity of the Year.

We've achieved great things together. 

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