Some people sail around the world* or run for miles in mud, glorious mud!

Others share their personal stories and help educate their GPs

There are many ways for you and your friends to help us from fundraising to campaigning to donating.  Whatever you decide to do to help us, we're here to support you, wig or no wig. 

*This actually happened.  Lindsay Evans took part in the World Clipper Yacht Race in 2013.

Sarcoma UK saracens


The generosity of our supporters is helping to transform the landscape for everyone affected by sarcoma.

Help us continue our work by setting up a regular gift or making a one-time donation.


Join #TeamSarcoma for the 2017 London Marathon

You can still play your part on the big day. Join us at our cheer station on Sunday 23 April. 

You'll probably hear us before you see us, find out where we will be...



Sarcoma and You

Everybody's talking about it 

Meet Holly (above) and others affected by sarcoma.

View our online exhibition yourself and be inspired #SarcomaAware

Fundraisers Gallery

Our heads spin keeping track of all the wonderful things our supporters do to raise funds for Sarcoma UK.

It may not be a hall of fame, but to us it's a hall of heroes.