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By leaving a gift in your will to Sarcoma UK, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by this rare cancer.

Your support will help fund vital research, provide essential resources for patients and families, and raise awareness about sarcoma.

For a limited time, we have arranged for you to have your will written for free with our trusted partner, Bequeathed. The process is very straightforward and will take very little of your time.

If you have already written your will and have decided to leave a legacy to Sarcoma UK, thank you. We would love to thank you personally and send you updates on our charity’s important work. Just let us know in the form at the bottom of this page or get in touch with us directly.

By leaving a gift in your will, you will join the amazing people like Lolly and Dan in their commitment to support Sarcoma UK’s work. When Lolly was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma in 2020, she and her husband, Dan, initially faced the challenges alone. However, discovering the Sarcoma UK Support Line proved to be a lifeline for Lolly and her family.

In gratitude for the help they received during their most difficult times, Lolly and her husband chose to leave a gift to Sarcoma UK in their wills. They found the process of writing their wills to be straightforward and quick, and it allowed them to continue supporting the organisation that had been there for them.

Sarcoma UK were a great help to Lolly and to myself and to my children. We want to continue helping as much as we can.

Dan Gilmour on why he and Lolly left a gift for Sarcoma UK in their wills.

Anjula Thompson has also shared below why she chose to leave a gift to Sarcoma UK in her will in memory of her husband, Dave, who died in 2016.

As a family, we witnessed a lack of available treatment options for Dave. However, he directly benefited from the few options that were available.  They were life enhancing and meaningful and were made possible through the generosity of previous donors.  This is why I have left a legacy in my will… so that it will benefit future patients.

Join Lolly and Anjula’s families in their commitment to supporting Sarcoma UK and consider leaving a gift in your will today.

Complete the form below and we will be in touch with the information to register with Bequeathed online.

To speak to someone in confidence about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch. You can:

Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

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  • We would also like to contact you from time to time to show you how your support is helping others, to update you with news from the sarcoma community, and to let you know about future fundraising campaigns. Please tell us if you would like to hear about these by:


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