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Rehabilitation after surgery

The following links will give you some general information about the most common types of surgery for sarcoma.

Surgery for sarcoma is very individual so use this information as a guide only. Your individual rehabilitation may be different.

The surgeries undertaken for sarcoma are often complex and unique to the person.  Rehabilitation may be required over a long period of time.

Often it takes between 1-2 years to achieve your full potential and will require a lot of hard work, determination and self-motivation to achieve. Many professionals will advise and assist you to achieve your maximum possible functional outcome. It is essential that you follow their advice and work on your rehabilitation programme regularly on your own as well as under their supervision.

These professionals aim to help you gain maximum independence in your daily life. The more you can handle your condition independently, the more likely you are to reduce the chances of complications and enjoy long term health benefits.


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