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What you can do

There are many ways which you can help yourself achieve the best possible function after surgery for sarcoma.

  • Be as active as you are able
  • Pace your activities to allow you to achieve a balanced lifestyle
  • Be as independent as possible
  • Ensure you have a good sleep pattern
  • Keep up your hobbies and interests
  • When attending for your hospital stay, bring clothes and shoes with you to get dressed as soon as possible

It is beneficial to your long term health if you can keep yourself active. The current recommendations are for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

Some activities may not be recommended after your particular surgery so it is advisable to check with either your medical or rehabilitation team before taking part.

Being more active can help with many of the symptoms experienced after a diagnosis of cancer, for example fatigue.


Walking is often an excellent way for many people to increase their fitness and mobility whilst also socialising. It can be done individually or as a group and be for short or longer distances.

Macmillan and The Ramblers have set up many local Walking for Health groups.

Gym / leisure centre

Many areas offer “exercise on referral” or “exercise on prescription” at local leisure facilities. A health professional, such as a physiotherapist or GP can refer you to a participating leisure centre. The referral usually runs for a period of 6-12 weeks.

Many leisure facilities have staff with a Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation qualification. These professionals have been trained to help individuals living with and or recovering from cancer.

Inclusive Fitness helps provide accessible physical activity and participation. There are over 400 Inclusive Fitness Initiatives (IFI) Mark facilities nationally.

Falls prevention

Many areas offer a Falls Prevention Service. This is a multidisciplinary specialist service for people who have fallen or are at risk of falling. 

If you are concerned about falling or have fallen, discuss this with one of your rehabilitation team members. Occasionally these services also allow you to self-refer.


Sport is a great way to help your rehabilitation and not only helps you get fit again and regain mobility but can improve your mood. While many sports can be participated in at all levels including up to Paralympic level, some may not be advisable after surgery. 


Many hospices run rehabilitation sessions for people living with and beyond cancer to help them regain fitness and mobility. Please contact your local hospice and drop in centre to find out what services they offer


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