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‘Sarcoma – Early Diagnosis’

A new course from GatewayC

Sarcoma UK have collaborated with doctors, patients, and GatewayC to create a new course for GPs and other primary care professionals.

The new GatewayC course aims to support GPs and primary care professionals to recognise sarcoma symptoms, and improve confidence in decision-making regarding referrals on a suspected cancer pathway.

This would lead to:

  • increasing patients’ chances of survival
  • improving patients’ overall experience of the diagnostic pathway
  • an increase in health care professionals’ knowledge and awareness around the signs and symptoms of sarcoma

The course covers several topics. These include facts and figures on sarcoma, the different types of sarcoma, and information on the NICE NG12 guidelines.

The course is free to access, CPD accredited and suitable for all healthcare professionals across England.


The new GatewayC module on sarcoma diagnosis is a welcome tool to help all primary care professionals educate themselves on suspected sarcomas. Sarcomas are more common than you think, with each GP practice seeing a sarcoma every 20 months on average. GPs and nurses need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of sarcoma as delays to diagnosis can be costly. – Dr Alec Logan, GP and Lead Clinical Tutor in Primary Care, NHS Lanarkshire


The course is accredited by the RCGP and follows NICE NG12 guidance. The platform is fully funded by Health Education England and therefore the creation of this course has not used any charity funds. The course was formed using real-life examples and interviews with doctors and patients.

About GatewayC

GatewayC is a free online cancer education platform developed for primary care professionals across England. GatewayC’s aim is to support the NHS agenda of improving early cancer diagnosis, increasing cancer survival, and enhancing patient experience. The platform assists users to confidently identify, refer and support patients with symptoms on a suspected cancer pathway, with 94% of GP users reporting it had helped with future referrals.

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Last reviewed: 30 November 2023 | Next review due: 30 November 2026


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