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This page collects resources for GPs including our Sarcoma Diagnostic Toolkit.

Sarcoma Diagnostic Toolkit

Sarcoma UK’s GP sarcoma diagnostic toolkit contains simple yet effective tools outlining the signs and symptoms of sarcoma and guidance on how to refer patients to sarcoma specialist health services for diagnosis and treatment. You can download the toolkits below or get in touch to order printed copies.

Bone sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (England/Wales/N.Ireland)

Bone sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (Scotland)

Soft tissue sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (England/Wales/N.Ireland)

Soft tissue sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (Scotland)

National Sarcoma Survey 2020

Following the success of National Sarcoma Survey in 2015 and the invaluable data it collected, Sarcoma UK decided to re-run the survey in 2020 with a broadened purpose: to collect data on sarcoma patient experience in order to build an evidence-base for influencing. This was also expanded beyond adult sarcoma patients to include children with sarcoma and family and carers of those with sarcoma.

NHS Sarcoma Service Specification

The latest version of the NHS service specification that covers the provision of care for people with sarcoma
cancer, including bone sarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma and gastrointestinal stromal sarcomas (GIST).


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