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Education and training

Guide to Sarcoma for Allied Health Professionals

This guide is for allied health professionals who treat sarcoma patients but whose majority caseload is not sarcoma. It’s particularly relevant for those who work in the community with sarcoma patients who have been discharged from a specialist centre.

Thumbnail of Sarcoma UK Induction PackSarcoma UK Induction Pack

Sarcoma UK has put together an induction package that has the most up-to-date, trustworthy information for doctors, nurses, AHPs working with patients with sarcoma cancer.

The materials are online and can be requested by sending your details to

GP Diagnostic Toolkits

Sarcoma UK’s GP sarcoma diagnostic toolkit contains simple yet effective tools outlining the signs and symptoms of sarcoma and guidance on how to refer patients to sarcoma specialist health services for diagnosis and treatment.

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Helping physiotherapists to spot signs of sarcoma

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Sarcoma UK has produced an e-learning module for physiotherapists in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. This module is written specifically for physiotherapists who are practicing or training.

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Sarcoma animation aimed at medical students

We firmly believe that education and research can drive positive change in sarcoma diagnosis, treatment, and overall awareness. We want to reach out to medical students and junior doctors and encourage them to watch our new animation video. By doing this, we aim to give them the knowledge needed to identify sarcoma’s symptoms, which we hope in turn will lead to quicker and more accurate diagnoses. Read more.

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‘Sarcoma – Early Diagnosis’ – a new course from GatewayC

Sarcoma UK have worked with GatewayC, doctors and patients to develop a new course for GPs and other primary care professionals.

The new course aims to support GPs and other primary care professionals in recognising the symptoms of sarcoma and improve confidence in decision-making regarding referrals on a suspected cancer pathway.

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Regional study days for sarcoma nurses and AHPs

There are a number of regional study days schedule throughout May, June, and August, which are open to CNSs and sarcoma AHPs.

National Sarcoma Survey 2020

Following the success of National Sarcoma Survey in 2015 and the invaluable data it collected, Sarcoma UK decided to re-run the survey in 2020 with a broadened purpose: to collect data on sarcoma patient experience in order to build an evidence-base for influencing. This was also expanded beyond adult sarcoma patients to include children with sarcoma and family and carers of those with sarcoma.


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