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Shining Star Awards: Sarcoma Healthcare Professionals and Excellence of the Year

Winners: Jo Coleman/Anne McTiernan, CNS London Sarcoma Service, The National Sarcoma Educational Programme

Jo and Anne had the vision of sharing a regular in-house education session to bring sarcoma nurses and doctors together. These monthly sessions have seen a broad range of speakers and experts in the sarcoma field from other sarcoma units, charities and researchers sharing their knowledge.

Abby McCarthy

Abby McCarthy, Highly Specialist Orthopaedic Oncology Physiotherapist, Stanmore

Abby has revolutionised allied health professionals in surveillance clinic. Due to her extensive background in sarcoma, Abby can give better guidance to patients about long-term functional outcomes and provide high quality referrals to Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital physiotherapists, local physiotherapist and lymphoedema clinics. Abby has changed the boundaries of how physiotherapists work, with her focus always being on improving the experience for the sarcoma patient.

Steven Lo

Steve Lo, Plastic Surgeon, Glasgow

Steve continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in surgery for people with sarcoma. His focus is on preserving function following significant sarcoma surgery and he recently undertook a nerve transfer in the foot to help a patient to be able to feel the floor, which is hugely important in knowing where to place your foot when walking.

He also explores the use of technology to improve outcomes for patients and is using 3D technology to improve gait and hazard avoidance for patients.

Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team, University Hospitals Sussex

The team has dramatically improved its service on very limited funding and with no additional hours within existing roles. This has been at the same time as writing a robust business case and attending several senior level meetings to state the case for the service. John Bush, who leads the team, has fought for years to provide an excellent diagnostic service for Sussex patients. He set up the diagnostic hub, spent time training with the Royal Marsden Hospital and consistently works to streamline the sarcoma pathway.


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