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Shining Star Awards: Sarcoma Research of the Year

The Shining Star Research of the Year Award is for an outstanding sarcoma research publication which has the potential to make real impact for people affected by sarcoma.

Winner: The proteomic landscape of soft tissue sarcomas

Nature Communications, June 2023

 Jessica Burns, Christopher P Wilding, Lukas Krasny, Xixuan Zhu, Madhumeeta Chadha, Yuen Bun Tam, Hari Ps, Aswanth H Mahalingam Alexander T J Lee, Amani Arthur, Nafia Guljar, Emma Perkins, Valeriya Pankova, Andrew Jenks, Vanessa Djabatey, Cornelia Szecsei, Frank McCarthy, Chanthirika Ragulan, Martina Milighetti, Theodoros I Roumeliotis, Stephen Crosier, Martina Finetti, Jyoti S Choudhary, Ian Judson, Cyril Fisher, Eugene F Schuster, Anguraj Sadanandam, Tom W Chen, Daniel Williamson, Khin Thway, Robin L Jones, Maggie C U Cheang, Paul H Huang.

Institute of Cancer Research

Digging into the biology of sarcoma is vital to develop new and better treatments. The team behind this study found that each sarcoma subtype has a unique profile, and developed a resource that can now be used by the sarcoma community to develop personalized treatments, maximize the potential of immunotherapy and overall improve outcomes for people with sarcoma.

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