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Your online funeral collection page

Thank you for holding a collection in memory of your loved one. We are honoured that you have chosen to support our charity in such a generous way.

With each donation, your friends and family can also add messages of support that you can read and find comfort in. It is place where you can remember the person you have lost and celebrate their lives. You can also use your page to connect with friends and family all over the world so it is open and accessible to everyone.

We recommend using an online giving page as it will show you the funds raised collectively by your family and friends in honour of your loved one. Giving pages such as JustGiving and MuchLoved  also send us the funds raised directly so you don’t have to handle anything.

Below you can find more information about certain online giving pages but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Emma at or call 0207 850 0445 and select ‘Fundraising’ from the phone options.

Understanding your funeral collection page:

How do I send you the donations raised online through the giving page?

We always recommend using an online giving page to help collect donations at a funeral because this service takes care of the financial and admin work so you don’t have to worry or handle any funds raised. They collect donations, add Gift Aid and the transfer totals to us directly when they are made.

These services make it very easy for people to donate in memory of your loved one and help make it one less thing for you to worry about at this time.

How do I let my family and friends know about the page?

It very easy to share, just copy and paste the URL link and share it with your friends and family before the funeral. Wherever you feel comfortable, share your giving page link to let everyone know how you have chosen to honour your loved one.

If you or the funeral directors are creating an order of service to hand out at the funeral, include the page URL so people can give directly. You can also include a QR code that can easily be scanned on people’s phones to make a gift.

If you have a JustGiving page set up, they will create the unique QR code for your page and it’s ready to use. You can either:

  • 1) Go to your Fundraising page, and add a ‘/qrcode/’ at the end of the URL in your address bar – your page’s unique QR code will then appear.
  • 2) Go to “Settings” on your Fundraising page and scroll down to “Send a QR code”

If you’re not using JustGiving, you can either create your own QR code using a free service online or contact our team at and they will be able to create this for you.

There is a section to add a page story on JustGiving, what should I include?

Under your JustGiving account settings, you will be able to edit your page including sharing a story and adding pictures of the person you are honouring. It’s completely up you you what you feel comfortable to share at this time in honour of your loved one.

We understand that at this time, you may feel unable to write a message on your giving page or share a story about your loved one and why you have chosen to support our charity. On JustGiving, your page will automatically fill with a few lines of information about sarcoma and Sarcoma UK so you don’t have to add anything extra. Until you’re ready, you can just add your loved one’s full name to your giving page so we know who you are remembering.

I’m using a MuchLoved page, what other features are available?

Once your page is set up, your family and friends can use the features available on MuchLoved to add pictures, share thoughts or memories, light a virtual candle, add a video and more. You can find these opportunities under the ‘Contribute’ tab at the top of the MuchLoved page.

Remember to keep checking your page to see what has been shared.

I have received a cheque/cash donation, what should I do?

For a cash donation, you can add the funds to your bank account and then pay it onto your giving page as a donation. Include a comment on your donation with the name of the donor so they can see you have given it to our charity.

For cheque donations, they need to be made payable to ‘Sarcoma UK’. You can then send us the cheque to our office at Sarcoma UK, 17/18 Angel Gate, City Road, London, EC1V 2PT. Include a note or letter to let us know the full name of your loved one you would like the donation to be in tribute to. If the donor consents to you sharing their contact details, please let us know their full postal or email address so we can send them a letter of thanks from our charity. These donations can easily be added to your page as an offline amount.

I haven’t heard from Sarcoma UK, what should I do?

Our apologies for not being in contact with you earlier, we always aim to reach out with our thanks and offer our support as soon as we can. Sometimes we do not receive your contact information from the Funeral Directors so we are unable to be in touch or our emails end up in spam folders. If you have any questions, please contact our Fundraising team on or call 0207 856 0445, we would be honoured to hear from you.


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