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Breakthroughs in Sarcoma cancer data: implications for patient care

Thursday 18 May 2023, 13:00 – 14:00, online

This online webinar from the National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) will deep dive into sarcoma data and the implications for patient care.

Topics include:

  • The clinical perspective – challenges in sarcoma, the importance of data and establishing a data partnership.
  • The analyst perspective – methodology and results published so far.
  • The charity perspective – translating the data for people affected by sarcoma, and what it means to them.

Speakers include:

  • Sandra Strauss, UCL Cancer Institute
  • Andrew Bacon, National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service.
  • Sorrel Bickley, Sarcoma UK.

Attendance is open to all. For full details and to sign up, please follow this link.

Personalised epigenetic therapies for sarcoma

Tuesday 23rd May, 9:30-18:30, The Open University (Milton Keynes)

This meeting aims to raise awareness of the role epigenetic therapies could play in sarcoma and spur new collaborations and research into the field.

The meeting is especially relevant for clinicians and researchers interested in epigenetic therapies for sarcoma and precision medicine, but all are welcome to attend. Sarcoma UK is delighted to be financially supporting this event.

For full details, information and to register attendance, please follow this link.

Royal Marsden logoConference: Management of Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Clinical Update at the Royal Marsden

26th September, 9:00-4:00, The Royal Marsden Hospital

The aim of the conference is to provide a state of the art review of multidisciplinary sarcoma care with emphasis on what is new, clinically relevant and controversial in the managements of sarcomas. Topics will include a review of diagnosis, the importance of referral centres and all aspects of multidisciplinary management. The meeting is open to all healthcare professionals with an interest in sarcomas. Sarcoma UK is delighted to be financially supporting this event.


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