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Dr Sorrel Bickley

Director of Research, Policy and Support

Sorrel joined Sarcoma UK in February 2020 as our Director of Research and Policy. She brings a background in academic research and completed her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology at the National Institute for Medical Research. After deciding she wanted her work to make more of a direct impact, she moved into the charity sector. She spent eight years working at the MS Society, where she focused on communicating research to patients before moving into research management.

Sorrel leads our research, policy, information and support programmes, working closely with the scientific and clinical community as well as with patients, to ensure that we use our funds to drive forward progress for people affected by Sarcoma. She has a passion for patient involvement and working in collaboration to achieve impact.

Sorrel lives in north London and likes to get outdoors as much as she can, spending her weekends running, hiking, or visiting her family in the Cotswolds.




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