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Our Research Projects

Since 2009, we’ve funded 99 projects, making discoveries in laboratories and hospitals all over the UK. All our projects aim to tackle a key problem in sarcoma research, from understanding how to switch off genes which cause sarcoma, to preventing drug resistance. 

Every project is reviewed by sarcoma research experts, people with personal experience of sarcoma and our Grant Review Panel, so you can be confident you’re supporting research of the highest scientific quality

Find out more about what our researchers are doing to improve outcomes for people with sarcoma.

Finding new treatments for chordomas

A team of Sarcoma UK-funded researchers identified a gene which is linked to chordomas developing. Thanks to this work, a clinical trial for a new drug is now underway.

Detecting sarcoma early from your genes

Our researchers have found some genetic changes, called mutations, which are common amongst people with sarcoma. In the future, we could use these to screen for sarcoma.


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