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Strategic Collaborations Fund

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Sarcoma UK’s Strategic Collaborations Fund is available on a rolling basis each year, to provide support to research projects funded in partnership with others.

About this funding opportunity

Sarcoma UK has begun establishing new partnerships and funding collaborative research, in line with key principles set out in Sarcoma UK’s Research Strategy to 2025, ‘Finding Answers through Research’.

Notable collaborations to date include a contributions to COVID-Surg and the STRASS 2 clinical trial, as well as projects funded with other sarcoma-focussed charities including the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

To continue this track record of successful partnership, a ring-fenced budget is available for new collaborative research projects on a rolling basis each year, separate from our other funding calls. Projects that are eligible for this fund will be where either;

  • Sarcoma UK co-funds research in partnership with another research funder or partner
  • Sarcoma UK’s funds will provide support to a larger project alongside other funders.

Sarcoma UK’s strategic approach to research is flexible and broad, and the charity is open to supporting high-quality research across a number of scientific and clinical fields. Areas of exploration that could be considered for funding include, but are not limited to, improving understanding of disease biology, improving diagnosis, developing new or better treatments, and improving quality of life. As with all our funding calls, fundable proposals will be of scientifically high quality and must have a pathway to impact for people affected by sarcoma.

How to apply and assessment process

If you are interested in seeking funding for an opportunity which meets the above criteria, please get in touch with Sarcoma UK’s research team for an initial discussion around strategic fit and to access application materials.

If the proposal meets basic eligibility criteria for this fund, you will be invited to complete an application form to a set deadline, providing further information about the project, the wider study Sarcoma UK’s funds would be contributing to, and other partners involved.

Peer and lay review will be administered by Sarcoma UK if not already being carried out by other funding partners, to ascertain your application’s scientific quality and its relevance to people affected by sarcoma. Applications will also undergo strategic review by Sarcoma UK’s Research Strategy Committee.

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General eligibility criteria for funding from Sarcoma UK


Host institution requirements

  • The host institution for the project must be a UK-based higher education institution or the NHS.
  • The host institution must be the employer of the grant holder.
  • The host institution will be responsible for the entirety of the award, including all administration, liaison with third parties and ensuring compliance with conditions of award by other institutions where appropriate.
  • Work on the project may take place at other institutions, which may be outside of the UK, but the host institution is responsible for any sub-contracting and payment of funds to other organisations.

Applicant requirements

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the intellectual leadership of the research project and must be actively engaged in the overall management of the research.
  • The PI should be able to demonstrate evidence of a strong research record, with experience to drive and lead a research project which addresses your proposed research questions. Demonstrable evidence could include publications, successful grant applications and an ability to lead teams.
  • The PI and the proposed project must be based in the UK at a Higher Education Institution (HEI), Research Institute or Clinical Institution. The principal investigator of the work must have a contract of employment within the host institution for the duration of the grant prior to application.
  • Where the PI is on a fixed-term contract, their contract must extend at least one year beyond the lifetime of the project, or the host institution must demonstrate that it intends to award a permanent position at the end of the fixed term. In addition, a co-applicant with a permanent post at the host institution should be listed on the application.
  • Named Co-Is must be actively involved in the running of the project to the extent indicated in the application.


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