Below you'll find a list of trials that are currently taking place in the UK. We update this list regularly, so it's worth coming back if you don't immediately find a trial that is appropiate for you.

Disclaimer: Trials listed on our site are not endorsed by Sarcoma UK. The decision about whether to join a trial is your own. We offer signposting to appropriate trials, however we are unable to say whether you will ultimately be eligible to take part. Sarcoma UK is unable to refer you directly to a trial. Please discuss trials with your clinical team.  
The safety and validity of each trial is the responsibility of its sponsor (the company/body that funds it) and its investigators (the clinicians and researchers running the trial) and not of Sarcoma UK. The information we provide is limited, and does not include all details relevant to participation in a trial. We aim to provide accurate and up to date trial information, however we rely on sources outside of Sarcoma UK to do this. 

Sarcoma Type: 

The study aims to understand better how chordoma develops, how and why it progresses, and its response to established and to new treatments. 

This trial looks at the genetic and Telomere characteristics of high of grade soft tissue sarcomas.

Sarcoma Type: 
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST)

A trial looking at using imatinib after surgery to treat GIST that has a high risk of recurrence.

This study aims to better understand the tumour characteristics of people diagnosed with a primary rare cancer.

Sarcoma Type: 
Ewing's sarcoma

A trial looking at chemotherapy to treat Ewing's sarcoma.

Sarcoma Type: 
Giant cell tumour of the bone

This trial is for patients who need to take the drug denosumab for more than a year. It will look at the risks and benefits of taking 120g of denosumab every 12 weeks rather than every four weeks. 

Sarcoma Type: 
Gynaecological sarcoma

The main purpose of this study is to predict which cancer patients are most likely to develop radiation injuries as a result of their radiotherapy treatment.

Sarcoma Type: 
Soft tissue sarcoma

This study looks at delays in diagnosis of sarcoma and routes to diagnosis and referral to sarcoma expert centres in the Netherlands and England.

This trial aims to learn about the drug pegylated recombinant human arginase (BCT-100). This includes the side effects, the highest safest dose, and how well it works as a treatment for children and young adults with cancer.

A trial for patients with liposarcoma. Patients are randomised to a drug or a placebo.