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Professor Sue Burchill


Professor Burchill is the Professor of Adolescent and Paediatric Cancer Research at the University of Leeds and scientific director of the Children’s Cancer Research Group at St James’s University Hospital, the translational research laboratory she established in 1992. Her research focuses on drug refractory and metastatic tumour cells which are frequently responsible for progression and relapse. With a passion to translate scientific knowledge internationally into clinical practice, she is chair of research in the European EWING Cooperative (EEC), the Society International of Oncology Paediatric-Neuroblastoma (SIOPEN) Molecular Monitoring Group and co-chair of the International Neuroblastoma Response Criteria Bone Marrow Working Group (INRC BMWG).

Sue is also a member of the NCRI Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group, NCRI Bone Sarcoma subgroup and NCRI CCL Neuroblastoma Clinical Studies Group. She continues to inspire young scientists and clinicians by supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Professor of Adolescent and Paediatric Cancer Research, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, University of Leeds


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