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Professor Bernadette Brennan


Professor Brennan is a Consultant Paediatric Oncologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, with over 30 years as a qualified doctor, as well as further training in General Paediatrics, Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology and an MD in the late effects of Childhood Leukaemia.

She also has extensive experience in sarcoma as the Clinical Lead on the European paediatric Soft tissue sarcoma Study Group (EPSSG), the non-rhabdyomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcomas study for the UK (NRSTS) and Internataional/UK Euro Ewing 2012 Study and as a member of the Euro Ewing Consortium.

Bernadette is also a member of the Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group, the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), the Rare Tumour Group, the EXPeRT European Rare Tumour Group and chairs the Young Onset Soft-Tissue Sarcoma (YOSS) subgroup.

Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital


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