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Shared care and POSCUs

Children and young people may receive shared care as part of their treatment.

The purpose of shared care is to enable children and young people with sarcoma to receive treatment as close to home as possible.

If a young person receives shared care, they will be treated at a Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit (also referred to as POSCU), which are smaller centres where you can receive treatment. These shared care units will be cooperate with the main Principal Treatment Centres to join up your treatment plan and care.


There are three levels of shared care services, that will vary depending on where you are based:

Level 1 (standard POSCU)

For children and young people needing cancer treatments including blood and platelet transfusions, or help with any complications with treatment.


Level 2 (enhanced POSCU a)

Same as above, but also offers day care infusional chemotherapy.


Level 3 (enhanced POSCU b)

Same as above, but also offers 24-hour and overnight chemotherapy.


The quality and level of expertise is the same at all levels, but the higher levels of shared care will have a wider range of services available.


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