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Paediatric team

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is a team of healthcare professionals that will work with each other and with you to plan your treatment.

You may meet lots of different staff members at the hospital. It can be hard to remember everyone’s role, and understand what each role does.

Your MDT may consist of some of the following roles.

  • paediatric oncologist (children’s cancer specialist)
  • clinical oncologist (radiotherapy and chemotherapy specialist)
  • paediatric surgeon (doctors who specialise in performing surgery on young people)
  • radiologist (a doctor who specialises in interpreting x-rays and scans)
  • histopathologist (a doctor who identifies disease by studying a tissue sample)
  • nurse specialist (a key point of contact who will coordinate care)
  • pharmacist (responsible for delivering medicine)
  • dietitian (helps young people make sure they’re getting all the right nutrients during their treatment)


Depending on where you are treated, you may also come across:

  • a play specialist (uses activities to help young people cope with any pain, anxiety or fear they may be feeling)
  • a psychologist (helps young people with any emotional difficulties they may be experiencing)
  • a social worker (helps you and your family with any practical, emotional, or financial problems)
  • a teacher (provides education while a young person is in hospital)


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