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About support groups

If you are diagnosed with a sarcoma, you may find it helpful to be part of a sarcoma support group.

Support groups are often run by patients and carers working together with local sarcoma clinical nurse specialists or doctors. These meetings are usually fairly small and relaxed, and take place in venues such as cancer centres, hospitals, or community halls. 

What are sarcoma support groups?

Sarcoma support groups provide valuable support and information to patients, carers and family members, and provide the opportunity to meet informally locally or online with other people in the same situation.

What happens in a meeting?

Every support group will run a bit differently. Most groups will focus on informal chat with other group members, discussion, and questions. Some groups may also include a talk from an invited speaker on a related topic.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

Most groups are very flexible, and would say that you’re under no obligation to attend every meeting.

Which group is right for me?

There are several sarcoma support groups running across the UK.

Some are for people who have a certain type of sarcoma, and some are for people in a certain area.

Take a look at the sarcoma support groups here.

How do I join?

You can join a group by getting in touch with a support group leader. All of their contact details are listed on their support group pages.

Disclaimer: Please note that local and online support groups are run independently of Sarcoma UK.

We do provide support and assistance to local groups, but we cannot take responsibility for their activities, including any representational or campaigning activities they may undertake, information and advice they may give, and any other services they may provide.


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