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Confidentiality Policy

The telephone, text and email services are confidential between you and Sarcoma UK.

You may choose to provide personal information which will only be used for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry.

Any personal information provided will not be passed onto anyone else without the your permission except in circumstances to comply with the nurses’ code of professional conduct or the law.  Examples of this might include anyone reporting potential serious self-harm, if it was felt a child may be at risk or anyone expressing the intention of harming someone else.

The NMC Code of Conduct can be found here.

Any person contacting the Support Line team can ask for their details not to be recorded on our system, Raiser’s’ Edge.

Email storage

Emails sent to the Support Line will be kept within either the inbox or the named box of the person dealing with the email.  Once it has been dealt with and recorded on Raiser’s Edge it will be deleted.  All emails in the deleted and sent folders will be permanently deleted at the end of each working week.

Voicemail recordings

Any voicemails received to the Support Line will be deleted once listened to, and information gained in order for the Support Line staff to deal with the enquiry is the responsibility of the Support Line member of staff dealing with the call.

Text storage

Texts that come into the team via the call handling service will be read and recorded on the Raiser’s Edge system once they have been dealt with. Once the text conversation is closed, it automatically gets deleted from the call handling system.

Written notes

Any written notes collected from Support Line staff will be shredded as soon as the information has been recorded on Raiser’s Edge, and is the responsibility of the Support Line staff member who has taken the notes.


Any complaints will be addressed using the complaints procedure.


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