Sarcoma UK is a national charity focussing on all types of sarcoma. We offer funds and grants to seek answers and find effective treatment for sarcoma. Our research programme has been running since 2009, with over £4.2 million invested across 61 projects to date.

Our two funding calls for 2021 are now open for applications.

Open Grant Round: open May-September 2021

Our Open Grant Round invites applications across all areas of sarcoma research, including laboratory and clinical research, and for PhD studentships:

Small Grants, up to £50,000 in value. These can be used to pump prime ideas and provide proof of concept or fund additional research to a larger project already underway.

Large Grants, up to £150,000 in value. These are to undertake a substantive piece of work; this type of application must support a member of staff as a directly incurred cost (can be a researcher or PhD student).

PhD studentships, up to £120,000 in value. Sarcoma UK seeks to provide funding for new PhD studentships in lab-based science, with the aim of attracting high-calibre graduates who will go on to develop a career in sarcoma research. Our PhD studentships offer up to £120,000 funding, comprising a stipend, fees and research expenses. Funding is available for three and a half years, with thesis completion expected within four years of the start date.

Genomic Research Grant Round: open May-September 2021

We invite applications which further knowledge into sarcoma genomics. £200,000-250,000 in funding will be available to support one research project; we will confirm the final amount available by the end of July.

Sarcoma UK launched its Genomic Research Programme in 2018. We encourage applications which build on, or link in with, the work previously funded by Sarcoma UK as part of this funding stream:

2018: GeCIPing Sarcoma: A UK-led initiative to personalise sarcoma treatment

2019: A genomic approach to unlocking the secrets of sarcoma

2020: Exploring genomic data to find gene networks and new treatments for liposarcoma patients

For further information about our Genomic Research Programme, find out more here.

Key dates:

Both calls open: May 2021

Both calls close: 3pm, Thursday 30th September 2021

Final decisions on awards: March 2022

How to apply:
Open Grant Round: The application forms and guidance for applicants for this round can be downloaded below. 

Genomic Research Programme:  Please get in touch with us at to request application materials.

From 2021, we will place a stronger focus on patient involvement in our research programme, including introducing patient review in our grant funding processes. Please bear this in mind when writing your application; further information is available in the Guidance for Applicants.

Anyone wishing to discuss the strategic fit of a proposal can contact our Director of Research, Policy and Support, Dr Sorrel Bickley (

Further information:

To be added to our mailing list or for any questions about our research programme, please email

Our previously funded research grants are available to view here, alongside our Research Strategy, and the success rates of previous applications. All our research is peer reviewed and discussed by the Research Advisory Committee

Sarcoma UK is a member charity of the AMRC. All research funded by Sarcoma UK is eligible for QR funding via the CRSF.  

Read more about what we do with your information if you've applied for a grant through Sarcoma UK.