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Research Impact

The story so far

Research is vital to help us improve lives for people affected by sarcoma. And since we awarded our very first grants in 2009, our research programme has come a long way.

Over the last 10 years, Sarcoma UK has funded more than 80 research grants, investing a total of over £6.5 million. From understanding why people become resistant to chemotherapy drugs, or finding ways to make  sarcoma cells more vulnerable to treatment, our funded research has hugely advanced our understanding of sarcoma, as well as making diagnosis more effective, and developed initiatives to improve quality of life.

We maximize our impact by being flexible and collaborative, building partnerships with other charities as well as working with and alongside the sarcoma research community.

Your funds and support are helping to produce results which will improve the lives of people affected by sarcoma. We’ve achieved an incredible amount in 10 years, but there’s much more to be done – donate today to support our research programme.

Our research priorities


Understanding sarcomaResearch Impact icons Uncovering the causes, risk factors and characteristics of sarcoma.

Improving diagnosis Developing tests or enabling communities to make sarcoma diagnosis faster, earlier or more accurate.

Developing new and better treatments Using our understanding of sarcoma to develop innovative treatments, or making existing ones more effective or kinder.

Improving quality of life Enhancing well-being while living with sarcoma and beyond.


Making breakthroughs

Below are some examples of the remarkable work being done thanks to your generous support.


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