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Sarcoma cancer doesn’t just affect a person, but entire families and communities. Sarcoma UK exists to improve the chances of surviving sarcoma and raise the quality of life for those whose lives are turned upside down by the disease. But we rely on our donors to provide hope.

Our donors are the reason sarcoma patients have hope. When you contribute to our work, we ensure you know how far your money is going. We love to think creatively and personally: if you want to shout about your support we will provide a media package to suit your needs. If your Trust likes to give quietly and receive an annual report, we will make sure that ours is the best report you get all year.

Help change the face of sarcoma research by investing in projects that are at the cutting edge of science and technology. Research is crucial to extending the survival rates of sarcoma patients. Without consistent investment new treatments and concepts can’t be tested. The research projects that are funded by our supporters push the boundaries of what humanity knows about medical science. Therefore, all output from our programmes furthers our knowledge of the disease. The research that you contribute to will also have profound effects on more well-known cancers, as the pioneering concepts are applicable across the cancer spectrum. 

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If research is outside of your charitable interests or objectives, there are lots of ways a grant to Sarcoma UK can transform the lives of patients. The Paul Cottingham Trust, for example, has had an instrumental impact by investing in our Support Line. Their gift has meant that patients can receive important advice, information and a listening ear in times of personal crises. We constantly look for ways to provide value to the sarcoma community with projects that expand the education of health professionals or that help fight the isolation of being a sarcoma patient. Although we work nationally, we make sure that we are accessible across the country, so we work with local specialists to provide physical information materials. 

How we spend your money

Sarcoma UK is the only UK charity to invest in research, information and support for all types of sarcoma cancer. We build relationships with researchers and donors. Our researchers update us regularly, and we analyse the trends from our Support Line calls and messages every quarter. We pass this information on to our donors through impact reports, collaborative social media, laboratory trips and meetings with our senior team.

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Sarcoma UK Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17


Sarcoma UK Impact Report 2017-18

Sarcoma UK Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

Sarcoma UK Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17