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Professor Fiona Thistlethwaite

Professor Fiona Thistlethwaite is a medical oncology consultant within the Experimental Cancer Medicines Team (ECMT) and Medical Director of the Christie Clinical Research Facility in Manchester which delivers over 400 clinical trials to cancer patients. Her clinical practise focuses on experimental cancer medicine, immune-oncology and combination immunotherapies.

Her research involves clinical trials of immunotherapy and adoptive T-cell therapy – modifying a patient’s own T-cells to attack cancer antigens before multiplying them and returning them to the patient. As director of iMATCH (Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub) she secured almost £9 million in funding to increase the reach of new generation advanced cell therapies. She is clinical lead for the Advanced Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy (AICT) team and lectures at the University of Manchester.

Professor Thistlethwaite graduated from The University of Cambridge, continuing her training at Liverpool Royal, The Royal Marsden and The Christie.


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