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Equality and diversity policy

Our values represent the principles we hold. These shape what we do as an organisation and explain our motivations.

A newly-diagnosed patient trusts us to provide accurate information and support, or a fundraiser collects money to help us do our work. Experts help us choose the most important research to fund and families expect us to influence policy. Our decisions and actions are guided by our values.


We bring together everyone affected by, or with an interest in sarcoma into one strong, caring and mutually-supportive sarcoma community. We are seen as a lifeline by some. We seek to inspire everyone in the sarcoma community to achieve our mission.


We use best practice in everything we do, ensuring that our work is accurate and informed by expert sources. We aspire to professional excellence to maximise impact.


We are a young charity that seeks to transform the sarcoma community through a dynamic and flexible team ethic.


We constantly monitor the impact of our work, making sure it meets the needs of our stakeholders and that our supporters’ funds are used effectively.


We push boundaries and seek new and creative ways to deliver our work to maximise its impact.


We work collaboratively and in partnership with other organisations, healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers, both in the UK and overseas, to achieve our objectives.


We are transparent in our work, and put patients and their needs at the heart of everything we do.


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