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Our values

Our values represent the principles we hold. These shape what we do as an organisation and explain our motivations.

A newly-diagnosed patient trusts us to provide accurate information and support, or a fundraiser collects money to help us do our work. Experts help us choose the most important research to fund and families expect us to influence policy. Our decisions and actions are guided by our values.


We are leading the way to a better future for the sarcoma community.

  • We are bold in our ambitions to maximise our impact
  • We are innovative and dynamic in our approach
  • We push boundaries in helping to transform the lives of everyone affected by sarcoma


We are creating a community to make a difference for all those affected by sarcoma

  • We support, encourage and learn from each other in our shared ambitions
  • We connect and collaborate with others to achieve the best possible impact
  • We bring everyone with us to achieve our goals


We use our expertise in understanding sarcoma to deliver better outcomes

  • We collaborate with the best in the sarcoma community and beyond
  • We amplify the voice of experience and gather evidence to make a difference
  • Our professionalism is at the heart of what we do


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