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Dr Zoë Walters

Dr Zoë Walters is an Associate Professor in translational epigenomics in the school of Cancer Sciences at the University of Southampton.

She has worked for nearly twenty years in molecular genetics, developmental biology, and cancer biology. Her main areas of focus are finding effective cancer treatments with fewer side effects and new ways to treat childhood disorders.

Her expertise includes target validation, single agent and combination testing of therapies, 2D and 3D pre-clinical models and biomarker identification and validation. She also works on determining mechanism of action (targets and drugs), factors affecting therapy resistance/relapse and the role of the tumour microenvironment. She has run her own research team since 2017, is a module lead on the MSc Genomics course, lectures both at the University of Southampton and externally and supervises many undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dr Walters obtained her undergraduate and PhD degrees from the University of Sussex.


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