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Sally Johnson

Dr Sally Johnson is an experienced NHS GP and medical leader with expertise in clinical governance, quality improvement and the operationalisation of new clinical services.

She has 12 years of Board experience as Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer of a number of healthcare organisations that provide NHS primary care, urgent care and private telemedicine. Sally has recent leadership experience in private digital healthcare and the global Covid vaccination programme.

Sally has personal experience of sarcoma from when a close friend was diagnosed with sarcoma. After watching her friend’s journey, Sally is keen to promote awareness of sarcoma amongst medical professionals to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

‘As a GP with 25 years experience, I recognise how hard it is to identify and refer patients at risk of relatively rare cancers; I strongly believe there is more we can and must do in primary care to increase awareness of sarcoma.’

‘I welcome the opportunity to work with a charity that is successfully delivering so many projects that together will improve the lives of those affected by sarcoma.’


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