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Hristo Anastasov

Hristo has valuable fundraising experience, participating in the Board of Cardiff Round Table charity for two years, where he was responsible for the distribution of funds, as well as supporting the charity in its efforts to raise more.

In his work at Amazon, Hristo is in charge of managing the Pet Private Brand Business across Europe, as well as optimising internal ways of working. Hristo is also completing an MBA at one of the world’s leading universities, and is expanding his network both domestically and internationally. He hopes this will enable him to help Sarcoma UK foster more corporate and NGO partnerships.

“Three years ago, I noticed a lump in my left leg. I was 23 years old, and had never heard of sarcoma or imagined that I would have a sarcoma cancer. I want to use my patient experience to help Sarcoma UK support even more patients in even more areas as, ultimately, we need to be focused on the prevention, handling, and the recovery of the disease.”


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