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Andy French

Policy and Public Affairs Manager

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Andy joined us in July 2023, bringing over 20 years’ policy experience gained across a range of sectors. He passionately believes that good policymaking must always be informed by people’s real lives. He is focusing on how to improve healthcare so that people with sarcoma are diagnosed earlier, live longer, and have a better experience. Central to this aim is bringing together the collective expertise of people with lived experience of sarcoma, policymakers, and those working in the NHS to deliver much needed change.

His previous role was as an Advisor for a House of Commons’ Select Committee where he led investigations into how to protect the environment and address health inequalities issues, such as mental health and poor air quality. He has also worked for the charity RNIB on improving policy and delivery, including on the issue of unequal access to NHS treatment to prevent sight loss. Before that he was a civil servant for many years where his responsibilities included developing and implementing policies on maternity and children’s health.

Andy enjoys spending time at home with his partner and children where he can be found listening to records, drinking coffee, and cloud-watching.


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