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Sarcoma Specialist Centres

If you have a suspected soft tissue or bone sarcoma, you should be referred for diagnosis at a sarcoma specialist centre.

If you cannot be referred to a sarcoma specialist centre (SSC), you should be seen at a diagnostic clinic under the direction of an SSC.

See below for details of the sarcoma specialist centres/multidisciplinary teams (MDT) in the UK.

North Wales

Soft-tissue and bone sarcoma – Greater Manchester and Oswestry Sarcoma Service (GMOSS)

South Wales

Soft-tissue sarcoma – Wales Cancer Network

Bone sarcoma – Birmingham

Northern Ireland

Soft-tissue sarcoma – Musgrave Park Hospital or Ulster Hospital (Belfast)

Bone sarcoma – Musgrave Park Hospital (Belfast)

Other patients may be referred to specialists in Belfast City HospitalMusgrave Park Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital or the Mater Hospital.


Soft tissue and bone sarcomas are treated at the following regional centres:







More information can be found on the Scottish Sarcoma Network website.

An overview of the sarcoma unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH)


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