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Promotion using social media

Social media is a great way to let people know about what’s going on near them.

Getting involved by posting information about when and where support groups are happening is a good way to encourage people to attend. It can also be a helpful way to stay in touch with those more likely to spend time at home.

The best networks to post on are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as these are the most popular. If you choose to post on social media, it’s important to remember to:

  • Include the date and time of your meeting
  • Post in advance of your meeting – we recommend up to a month
  • Post more than once – once a week for a month before your meeting is a good idea
  • Check your posts after publishing for any comments or question

Below are some examples of how to make the most of your social media posts. You are free to use these
when promoting your group or you can use them as inspiration to write your own.


The best way to talk about your support group on Facebook is by creating an event page. Not only does this easily display key information, it provides a dedicated space for users to comment and interact. It can also give you an idea of how many people plan to attend the group and it can be easily shared on other social media platforms.

Here’s a link to Facebook’s tutorial on setting up an event page.

Once you have your page you can share this on your own profile with others. They in turn can share your event page meaning it can reach lots of people in the community. It’s useful when sharing your page to include a message in your post. This will appear above your event link.


Twitter is a good way provide followers with succinct information. You can use it to share your Facebook event page.

Each tweet can contain no more than 280 characters including links. Therefore, keep your message brief and informative.


This platform is driven by images and so you need to have either a photo or a graphic in order to upload a post. You can use our sample graphics, create your own, or use photos. If you use photos of people at your support group, it’s important to get their permission first.

Once you have your image you can write up to 2,200 characters in the description box below. This is about 300 words. It’s good to include a brief explanation the top of your message about what’s going on in your image.

Using hashtags

Hashtags work well on all platforms but are particularly popular on Twitter and Instagram. They allow users to search for content related to that hashtags and help the platform to direct your content.

Try to choose a hashtag that doesn’t have much use or set up your own. #HereToSupportYou,
#TimeToTalkSarcoma, and ones specific to your support group #[Location]SarcomaSupport are good examples for you to use.

We recommend using no more than 3 hashtags per post and to use these consistently when posting about your event.

Tagging other users

If you want to reach specific users and highlight them in your message you can tag them using the @ symbol and then their name on that platform.

For an extra boost you can tag the Sarcoma UK accounts in your posts.

Tag us using: Twitter – @Sarcoma_UK Facebook – @uk.sarcoma Instagram – @sarcoma_uk

Private or Direct Messages

Some users may choose to message you in a private conversation which is not available for the public to see. Usually they will just ask you to confirm some details but they could include personal information about themselves which is sensitive.

We recommend that if you receive a message where someone is upset, talking extensively about personal circumstances, or if you feel they may require immediate support, you can refer them to the Sarcoma UK Support Line. Our trained specialists will be able to speak to them and address their specific needs.

If you are receiving more messages than you can comfortably keep up with its ok to take a break and reach out to us for assistance.


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