Alice Snape

“I would have loved to have met Katherine"

Alice Snape, 32, editor of Connect, London

“My connection to Sarcoma UK has changed over the years. At first, I just used to do 10k charity runs dressed as Santa at Christmas time, with my boyfriend James and his friends. It was all just a bit of fun and to raise some money for the charity, but it also meant much more than that. You see, James’s sister, Katherine, died from sarcoma just a short few months before I met him. I will never forget James telling me about it, I couldn’t come close to understanding how he must have felt, and how he dealt with that kind of loss and sadness.

“I would have loved to have met Katherine, from the stories I have heard over the five years that James and I have been together, I am certain we would have become good friends. I even ran the London Marathon last year for Sarcoma UK, that was my tribute to Katherine. In a way, I feel that it also brought me closer to James and his mum Glenys, as I was running it for them, too.”

“As my fundraising endeavours increased, so did my connection to Sarcoma UK and the wonderful people who work there. I felt like I wanted to do more and gradually started writing for Connect, the charity’s magazine for newly diagnosed patients. Earlier this year, I was overjoyed that I was asked to become editor of the magazine, which I hope to continue creating inspiring content for, in order to provide a source of comfort in patient’s time of need.

“Sarcoma Awareness Week is vital for the sarcoma community, we need to get people talking about sarcoma. The media often do not use the word ‘sarcoma’, instead saying ‘a rare form of cancer.’ That is also why the Sarcoma and You project is incredibly important, and project managing it has been an emotional journey for me too. Each person in this series has been impacted by sarcoma – be it as a patient, a sister, a son or a fiancée who lost someone too soon. At times heart-breaking and emotional, from listening to each of these stories, I can’t help but walk away feeling positive and inspired.

“And that is why I wanted to pose for the series too. I couldn’t ask other people to lay themselves bare and share their stories – share their scars – without telling my own. I love being part of the sarcoma community, and I hope, in my own small way, to continue helping to raise awareness.”