Roger Wilson

Roger was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in 1999. Three years after his diagnosis, Roger and his wife, Sheelagh started work on what has now become Sarcoma UK. 

In 2016, the charity launched the Roger Wilson Research Award, which will form part of the annual Clinical Research Call and each year will have a different focus on a specific area of research. 

In 2016 the theme of the Roger Wilson Research Award was “Quality of Life”, and the following research projects were funded:  

Development of a sarcoma-specific patient-reported outcome measure S-PROM 

Can a holistic model of rehabilitation improve quality of life after treatment for lower extremity sarcoma? A pilot and feasibility study 

In 2017 the theme of the Roger Wilson Research Award was “Early Diagnosis”, the following research project was funded:  

Sarcoma UK is member charity of AMRC. All research funded by Sarcoma UK is eligible for QR funding via the CRSF.