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This page collects resources for GPs including our Sarcoma Diagnostic Tool, information about CPD, online learning and links to other resources.

Sarcoma Diagnostic Toolkit

Early diagnosis of sarcoma is key to improving survival outcomes. General practice is usually the first place where patients present with a visible lump that may be sarcoma. GPs knowledge of the clinical presentations of sarcoma, combined with a prompt referral to a specialist sarcoma centre for diagnosis and treatment, can make a difference to patient’s long-term prognosis.

Sarcoma UK's GP sarcoma diagnostic toolkit contains simple yet effective tools outlining the signs and symptoms of sarcoma and guidance on how to refer patients to sarcoma specialist health services for diagnosis and treatment. You can download the toolkits below or get in touch to order printed copies.

Bone sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (England/Wales/N.Ireland)
Soft tissue sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (England/Wales/N.Ireland)

Bone sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (Scotland)
Soft tissue sarcoma GP diagnostic toolkit (Scotland)

Continuing Professional Development                                       

CPD accredited national and regional conferences, meetings and study days for professionals with an interest in sarcoma run throughout the year. Please check our list for upcoming events.

Online Learning                                   

Sarcoma UK is involved in a continuing professional development online learning module delivered by BMJ Learning.

Since it launched in April 2015, we are delighted to announce that over 15,000 health professionals have completed our module*.
*August 2017

Lumps, Bumps and Sarcomas: a guide 

Sponsored by Sarcoma UK, this open access module for GPs and GP trainees, hospital doctors, foundation doctors, practice nurses, and emergency medicine practitioners. It uses interactive clinical case studies and images that draw on latest research and clinical guidelines.

Gain 1 CPD point from one hour of accredited learning

  • Refresh your knowledge of the clinical presentation of sarcomas
  • Understand the common differential diagnoses for soft tissue swellings and bone pain
  • Be confident in identifying the red flag features of sarcomas and know which patients should be referred urgently
  • Gain a brief insight into the specialist investigations and management options available for patients in sarcoma specialist centres

Take the module.


We have gathered a list of references on the management of sarcoma, some published papers and material for your patients.  


National Sarcoma Survey February 2017

BSG Guidelines

See BSG Guidelines in the Related documents section below