Collection bucket

A wonderful way to raise funds and sarcoma awareness in your community is to co-ordinate your local collection boxes.

What you can expect to be doing:

  • Co-ordinating an allocated number of collection boxes in your region.
  • Identify likely locations for collection boxes (pubs, corner shops etc.), and ask site owners for permission to place a collection box on their premises, using opportunity to spread awareness of sarcoma.
  • Regularly check on collection boxes, liaising with contacts at collection box locations to ensure boxes are secure and emptied.
  • Count funds and donate to Sarcoma UK.
  • Keep in frequent contact with Sarcoma UK’s fundraising team about location of boxes, when funds are being sent in and any changes in circumstances.
  • This is a long-term role, but you will be able to choose box collection times at your convenience.

Who we are looking for:

  • Committed. Co-ordinating collection boxes is ideally suited to someone who can regularly commit time to check on collection boxes and liaise with our Volunteer Co-ordinator.
  • Trustworthy. As this is a cash-handling role, we are looking for responsible and trustworthy individuals and will ask for references before issuing collection boxes.
  • Organised. You should be able to keep good records of collection boxes, locations and amounts raised.

If you have the spare time to put towards managing collection boxes, we’d be incredibly grateful for your support. Please contact us through our registration form and we’ll be in touch to talk further.