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The Big Give Christmas Challenge

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

One donation, twice the impact!

Make a donation – any amount – between 28 November (Giving Tuesday) and 5 December, and your donation will be automatically doubled!


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The Big Give Christmas Challenge Q & A

Help us raise £30k in the Big Give Christmas Challenge and keep our Support Line there for everyone who needs it this winter. 

  • £5 pays for 50 people to text the Support Line…The Big Give Doubler turns it into 100 texts.
  • £35 funds 30 calls to the Support Line…The Big Give Doubler will make that 60 calls.
  • We give £500 to each sarcoma support group… the Big Give Doubler means we can do even more!

Make your generous donation go twice as far this Christmas! 

How do I donate?

Easy peasy!  Visit our Big Give Christmas campaign from midday on 28 November to noon 5 December and your donation will be doubled.  

How does this work?

For one week, your donations to participating charities are doubled.

We have secured £15K from Pledger and Champion donors and we can use these to match your donations.

With your donations and the funds from Pledgers and Champions, we hope to raise a total of £30k.!

I have a donation from a fundraising event. Can I donate it and get the donation doubled?


If you have kindly raised fundraising monies for us you can donate them to Sarcoma UK through Big Give’s Christmas Challenge, and see your donation – and your difference – double. Magic 

I want to donate more than £500.

Firstly, amazing – thank you.

If you are donating £500 or more, you can now  add funds to a Big Give donor account via bank transfer, which can be used to make donations to charities on the Big Give. Funds are securely held, and donations are processed by Stripe. Full details can be found here and it is recommended that people who want to donate via BACS. complete the donor account set-up and transfer of funds before the campaign begins on the 28 November.

 A summary of how  BACS donation works:

  1. The donor sets up a donor account with the Big Give.
  2. Once you set up the donor account you are presented with a short form asking how much you want to donate.
  3. Once you have completed the form, you are presented with unique bank details which are linked to your donor account.
  4. You transfer funds to those bank details. Please note that this is a virtual bank account, so their bank may not be able to verify it. Big Give can provide a letter from Stripe to verify the authenticity of the bank details if needed.
  5. Once funds are received to the virtual bank account, your donor account will be credited with the equivalent amount in donation funds. Eg. If you transfer £1000, then your donor account will be credited with £1000 Donation Funds.
  6. Very important! When the campaign opens, you need to visit our campaign page and click on donate.
  7. You will be prompted to sign in to your donor account at the top of the donation form.
  8. You proceed to complete the donation form. The donation will be taken from their Donation Funds, and you will not be asked to provide any card details. 



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