Sarcoma UK Marathon runner

Your online sponsorship page makes it easy for you to reach your supporters.

Setting up a sponsorship page isn't too complicated and, when you share it through email and social media, you can reach a lot of people who will be happy to support you and the work we do.

How do I create a sponsorship page?

Head over to JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to get yourself online and follow their instructions. The process is very fast and simple. Remember to choose Sarcoma UK as your charity when given the option.

Do I have to handle any money transfers?

No.  These services take care of the financial work. They collect donations, add Gift Aid and the transfer totals to us directly.  These services make it very easy for people to donate money or sponsor you.

Don’t they charge a fee? Isn’t it better if I send you money directly?

There is no fee for fundraisers and donors. There is a small fee for us though.

These services make it very easy for many people to raise funds for us. They manage the financial transactions (collecting donations, claiming Gift Aid, transferring amounts back to us) and for this they charge a small administrative fee.  We believe that we get very good value for this small fee as otherwise we would have to spend a lot more time on tools and administration to properly collect funds raised.

How do I let everyone know about my page?

These pages make it very easy to share using social media. There are sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube depending on which service you choose. You can also share the link to your page anywhere you like online.

Don’t forget email.  While it’s easy to send everyone in your contacts list a mass email, we recommend that you create smaller groups and tailor a slightly different message for each.

For example, put your colleagues into one group and start your email with ‘Dear colleagues’.  Part of a group? Put all of these friends in another email and begin with ‘To my fellow bugle players...’. Do the same for family members, social acquaintances, close friends, non-social media users and anyone else.

You will be surprised at how a little extra time spent writing more targeted messages can prompt people to action.

Want to make a page that grabs attention?

Here are our ideas.

As you support us, remember that we are here to support you too.