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Explaining a cancer diagnosis to a child

In honour of Emily Travis

Explaining a cancer diagnosis to a child can be difficult.

To support parents during those challenging initial conversations, we are pleased to share a new slide deck resource we’ve worked on in honour of Emily Travis.

The slide deck contains:

  • pointers for preparing for the conversation
  • factual information about cancer and cancer treatment
  • aids conversations around how the child’s everyday life will be impacted


The resource is fully editable so it can be modified/customised as needed. You can download a copy of the slides here.

Emily TravisThe resource is inspired by Emily Travis, a very involved member of Sarcoma UK, who sadly died last year following an earlier diagnosis of sarcoma.

Emily was very committed in her mission to improve patient care, and expressed frustration at the limited information available following her diagnosis. Hearing from Emily how challenging she found explaining her diagnosis to her two children, we were eager to explore how we could support others going through similar experiences. Emily provided valuable guidance in the initial development of this resource, and it was later shaped by insightful feedback received from other individuals affected by sarcoma. The project was a collaboration between Sarcoma UK and Emily’s colleagues at AMICULUM, a healthcare communications agency. We hope the resource reflects what Emily had envisioned.

It has been incredibly rewarding and an honour to work with Emily. Her passion to raise awareness of sarcoma and improve the experience of living with a terminal diagnosis is inspiring.


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