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Fiona Cowie

Joining our Board of Trustees in December, Dr Fiona Cowie is a Clinical Oncologist at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow, specialising in the management of adult patients with sarcomas, and children who need radiotherapy. She also undertakes the long term follow up of childhood cancer survivors.

Fiona has been actively involved in managing people affected by sarcoma for over 20 years and has been constantly learning about the many different aspects of sarcoma. She has also been involved with paediatric cancer care, Young Adult cancer care and long term follow up after treatment.

Fiona also has extensive medical panel and voluntary sector experience, including as a Duke of Edinburgh leader.

‘I have used resources from Sarcoma UK over the years and have seen how valuable they are, not only to patients and families, but also to a wide range of healthcare professionals.’

‘I feel privileged to have been able to advocate for patients and help to ensure access to the best possible care and opinions.’


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