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Since the first lockdown in March 2020, Sarcoma UK’s income ability and our ability to fundraise and has been dramatically affected. These are extremely difficult, challenging times for the charity, and our work is at risk owing to a drop in income of £500,000.

We have achieved so much together and made a difference to so many lives. It is vital we keep that momentum up. Just last year we:

  • Helped make two sarcoma drugs available on the NHS.
  • Invested almost a million pounds in sarcoma research.
  • Vastly expanded the information we offer to patients and the NHS with many new guides and factsheets.
  • Reached the milestone of having helped more than 2000 people through our Support Line since opening in 2016.
  • Put sarcoma in the media spotlight with a major national awareness campaign.

We were there for everyone affected by sarcoma when Covid-19 had a catastrophic impact on cancer treatments and delayed diagnoses, yet those services, relied on by so many across the UK, are now at risk. We worked tirelessly to adapt to new rules and restrictions, creating virtual fundraising events, furloughed 20% of our staff, made staff redundancies, made drastic cuts to expenditure and reduced our research investment. However, none of this has been enough to address such a devastating loss of income.

Without a gift from you today, Sarcoma UK may not survive.

We need to raise £500,000 this year to continue our work ensuring everyone affected by sarcoma receives the best treatment, care, information and support available and to continue investing in the treatments of the future. We are due to launch an ambitious new strategy for the next few years that will mean doing even more for sarcoma patients, families and carers, but we know Covid-19 will continue to impact in 2021. This money will help us keep a strong base from which to begin growing again and look to the future.

Sarcoma UK does not receive any Government funding and is reliant on voluntary donations through your support.

We didn't want things to come to this. We didn't want to have to ask for your help again.

Every donation you give makes a difference to so many people’s lives, so please make a gift today to help to save Sarcoma UK.

Donate to save Sarcoma UK