Professor Sue Burchill

Professor Burchill is the Professor of Cancer Research at the University of Leeds and Scientific director of the Children’s Cancer Research Group at St James’s University Hospital, which is a translational research programme she established in 1992.  Her primary research interests in the metastatic drug resistant disease have led her to become the chair of the Society International of Oncology Paediatric-Neuroblastoma (SIOPEN) who run clinical trials, the European Ewing’s Consortium (EEC) who monitor molecular biological studies, and is the co-chair of the International Neuroblastoma Response Criteria (INRC) Bone Marrow Working Group who lead international circulating biomarker studies for children with neuroblastoma.

Sue is also a member of the NCI CCL Neuroblastoma Clinical Studies Group, the NCI Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group and the NCRI Bone Sarcoma subgroup. She continues to inspire through supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students.