Professor Sue Burchill

Professor Sue Burchill is the Professor of Adolescent and Paediatric Cancer Research at the University of Leeds. In 1992 she established the Children’s Cancer Research Group in Leeds, where she remains the scientific director.

Sue has made major contributions to medical research in the fields of childhood and adolescent cancer, her leadership in multi-disciplinary collaborative groups includes shaping international strategies on the evaluation of circulating biomarkers.  She is chair of current molecular monitoring biological studies in the European Ewing’s Consortium (EEC) and Society of Paediatric Oncology European Neuroblastoma Group (SIOPEN) run clinical trials.

Her own research is focussed on metastatic drug resistant disease that is responsible for progression and relapse, and using a comprehensive range of preclinical models is investigating novel strategies to detect and eradicate this disease to improve outcomes for young people with Ewing’s sarcoma and neuroblastoma.