A photo of researcher Paul Huang

After receiving his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Biological Engineering in 2008, Dr Huang started his laboratory at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)as an Institute Fellow in 2009 where he held a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship. This was followed by a promotion to a tenure-track in the Division of Cancer Biology. He is now the Team Leader in the Division of Molecular Pathology at the ICR holds a Cancer Research UK Career Establishment Award.

Paul is a member of the Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group at the National Cancer Research Institute and the Scientific Evaluation Committee of the European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) TRANSCAN-2 for joint translational cancer research. His research focuses on the use of systems biology and molecular pathology strategies to understand aberrant signalling networks and drug resistance in sarcomas and lung cancer, with the goal of developing biomarkers and new therapies for these diseases.