Get the word out

Hundreds of people all over the UK find advice, comfort and friendship at the many Support Groups organised by volunteers.

We've put together some resources including how to get your story into the local press and how to take advantage of social media.
We also have a poster and flyer that can be printed out and used to publicise your meetings.

Getting noticed by the press

Taking your story to the papers can seem daunting, but it’s a great way to share your experience with sarcoma, raise much needed awareness about this cancer, or encourage people to donate to your fundraiser. Publishing your story is easier than you think. We’ve broken it down into manageable sections which you can use to help you develop your story and get it to the right people.

PDF icon Support Group Press Advice

Using social media to promote your group

Social media is a great way to let people know about what’s going on near them. Getting involved by posting information about when and where support groups are happening is a good way to encourage people to attend. It can also be a helpful way to stay in touch with those more likely to spend time at home.

PDF icon Using Social Media 

Support group leader guidelines

What should a support group do and how do you set one up? These guidelines, written in collaboration with experienced group leaders, offers practical advice on everything from how to support others in the group, dealing with difficult situations and emotions through to data protection.  

Support Group Leader Guidelines

Presentation ideas 

Mindfulness: Mindfulness in the practice of staying grounded and rooted in the present, allowing you to approach tricky situations with a sense of calm and clarity.  

Joshna Hirani, Support Line Specialist, has put together a short presentation on the benefits and science behind being mindful, including a short relaxation exercise which we hope you and your groups find helpful and informative. You can use this as part of a regular meeting or to help guide a dedicated session on mindfulness. 

Joshna's mindfulness presentation 


PDF icon Flyer for Support Groups

PDF icon Poster for Support Groups