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24 months

Improving outcome in sarcoma through analysis and interrogation of national cancer data

Knowledge and understanding of how patients with sarcoma are treated within the NHS can help us identify variation in care and the need for improvement, as well as monitor progress.  Public Health England collects cancer data on patients through the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS).  This project aims to better understand sarcoma care in England using cancer data. The work will build on a preliminary collaborative audit that identified that many sarcoma patients are not being managed within specialist centres, and that these patients may have a worse survival. It also points to challenges with data collection and quality. This project will help validate these findings and further develop methods to look at sarcoma patient groups in more detail, including those with different histological subtypes and primary sites, and across patients of all ages and regions of the country.

The project will aim to identify the most disadvantaged groups of patients and can be used by those planning and organising care including commissioners, specialist sarcoma multidisciplinary teams and sarcoma advisory groups.  It will also determine the limitations of NCRAS data to enable us to develop a system of regular reporting to monitor levels of activity in sarcoma services, and address variations in care going forward. The analysis delivered by this project aims to lead to the enhancement of care delivered by the specialist services, which are essential for people with sarcoma now and in the future.

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