A photo of researcher Mandy Peffers in her laboratory
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University of Liverpool

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This project will investigate the role of molecules known as ‘small non-coding RNAs’ in chondrosarcoma. These molecules have been shown to have potential as targets for treatment, but we don’t know enough about how they work yet. This project will provide the crucial first steps from which future researchers can build towards treatments for chondrosarcoma.

Investigating the role and mechanisms of small non-coding RNAs in chondrosarcoma: A small RNA sequencing approach

Chondrosarcoma is the second most common primary bone tumour overall and is characterised by abnormal cartilage production. The molecular mechanisms that lead to chondrosarcoma are poorly understood and traditional interventions such as chemo- and radiotherapy have proven insufficient. Whilst some mutations in specific genes have been identified the molecular mechanisms that drive cartilage tumours remain largely unknown. Small non-coding RNAs (small ncRNAs) contribute to disease and cancer however their role in chondrosarcoma is poorly understood. Moreover, small ncRNAs provide good candidates as therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers.

In this study we aim to undertake sequencing in chondrosarcoma to investigate alterations in the expression of small ncRNAs. We will assess the role and function of selected ncRNAs in chondrosarcoma and investigate how a change of expression affects development and progression of the tumour.

The dataset generated through RNA sequencing will generate potential candidates to advance the field and provide novel targets and biomarkers that could be used for future treatments. The data will be made available to other researchers.

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