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A person’s age can affect the way their body breaks down drugs. This project is investigating the differences between the ways adults, teenagers and younger children respond to the drugs used in the treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma. If we can accurately predict how a drug will behave in a person’s body, we can provide more accurate and effective treatment.

Study to investigate correlations between age-dependant pharmacokinetic variation, side effects of chemotherapy and biomarkers of toxicity in Ewing’s sarcoma

This project will be investigating what happens to the key drugs administered to Ewing’s sarcoma patients once they have entered the body – how they are broken down and what factors are important for determining response and toxicity, to gain more information in order to improve treatment strategies.  This may be particularly important for teenagers and young adults, the most commonly diagnosed group, as they may handle drugs differently to younger children.  Modifying drug doses for different patient groups will allow the achievement of drug exposures which are most likely to be beneficial, whilst minimising side-effects.

As another part of the project, the team will also perform a series of blood tests used to predict side effects chemotherapy in adult patients to see if they are helpful in children.  Although this study focuses on Ewing’s sarcoma patients, the drugs studied, and the findings, will be applicable across many types of sarcoma.



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Patients Recruited

  • Samples from 85 patients have been collected.


  • Dr Gareth Veal was awarded the Best Clinical Oral Communication Prize at the 2016 British Pharmacological Society.
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