Sarcoma UK Professor Janet Shipley
Principal Investigators: 

Professor Janet Shipley, Dr Anastasia Constantinidou

Award Amount: 
2 years

Janet’s project is in liposarcoma.  Liposarcomas are a type of soft tissue sarcoma that arises in fat cells. Well-differentiated (WD) liposarcomas have clear cell walls and a regular appearence under the microscope. De-differentiated (DD) liposarcomas are much messier and irregular. Both are the most frequent subtype of liposarcomas in adults. Well-differentiated liposarcomas can recur looking more like the de-differentiated type. This is associated with increased aggressiveness. In contrast, completely well-differentiated liposarcomas are usually readily curable. This project aims to identify the genes involved in making de-differentiated liposarcomas behave more aggressively, so that new therapies can be developed to target these genes and hopefully result in less aggressive liposarcomas.

Project status: